How To Drive Traffic To Your Website? – Part III

Link Building Strategies: Linking building is one of the best methods to build traffic. Let us look at some of the link building topics in detail.

#1 Guest Posting
Guest posting helps you to cash in on goodwill of others and get some traffic to your blog. Majority of the top blogs accept guest posts as it helps them get unique content written from a different perspective. Guest posts help break monotony of a blog and give something different for the blog readers. Guest blogging helps to get more backlinks from relevant domains and helps build blog authority. Higher the number of quality backlinks to a blog, better are the chances of higher rankings in search engine results.

It is always better to have single backlinks from large number of blogs as compared to large number of backlinks from a single blog. Variety of sites linking to your blog helps improve your blog’s authority. This makes guest posting more effective as you get backlink from each blog that chooses to publish your guest post.

Choose the blog post that you want to rank higher and has the magic keywords you need. Try to create content to complement that blog post and use it as a guest post. Many people make mistake and add backlinks to their blog homepage while submitting a guest post. Choose your best blog posts and link to it from the guest post. Send email to other bloggers in your niche, use catchy titles in order to improve your chances of landing guest post on other blogs. A success rate of 10-15% is common when you are pitching for the guest post on high authority blogs.

#2 Link Exchanges
Link exchanges if done properly can help you build large number of backlinks in a short period. You should not ask people to link to your blog without offering anything in return. You can send an email to blogger asking him to link to your blog post and in return, you should link to one of his blog posts. This method of link exchange is better as it is easy to add a link to an existing post than to earn a new one.

The other way of getting backlinks is to create an infographic post and send outreach email to others bloggers. The bloggers that like the infographic and use it on their blog will add a backlink to your blog.

In our next post, we will ponder upon list building that is one of the best methods to turn traffic into recurring visits.

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