Things That Help Me Make $1000 A Day With Affiliate Marketing

Disclaimer: This is not a get rich quick post nor is it a sales pitch for any online or offline product or service. This post is for people who really want to earn online money. Again, this post will not explain you the ways of making money online (this blog has lot of posts on that). This post is about some practices that I follow everyday to make some money with Affiliate Marketing.

Just over a year ago, I was making a decent amount with affiliate marketing. I had a day job back then and the money earned from affiliate marketing was just that extra money I was earning over and above my salary. Like a lot other people, I was not able to give my 100% to my online business due to my day job. Due to this, the income from my online business was not stable and kept on varying every month. Things started changing in 2009 and I was profiting $200 per day with affiliate marketing and I still had my day job back then. Before this $100, a day was a good day for me. Most of the money earned from affiliate marketing was pure profit because I did not spend much on advertising at that time. The $200 a day profit on a consistent basis allowed me to quit my day job and I have never looked back after that. It’s a little over one year since I got full time in affiliate marketing and the journey has been awesome. The profit graph has been going up and now I am making more than $1000 per day with affiliate marketing.

In this post, I am writing down some points that have helped me to reach this level.

Have Confidence in Yourself and The Industry

This is VERY important. You need to have confidence in what you are doing. If you think you cannot do it, then you won’t be able to do it for sure. Have confidence, be aggressive and go for your targets with full preparation. When I started full time, there was only one person who said It’s a good decision and I can make it big with affiliate marketing. The good thing here is that everyone else who said no or were not sure if I should go full time with affiliate marketing had no clue on what this industry is all about. The only person I know in this industry really encouraged me to get in to full time affiliate marketing. For me, it was this friend of mine plus my confidence that got me to this stage. Ignore other people if you have that confidence. Not many know about this industry so there is no point in listening to them.

Keep A Note of Everything

I have an excel sheet open on my laptop all the time. I do lot of things with this sheet. Apart from the daily advertising expenditure, income, profit etc. I keep noting links to websites with interesting ads, articles, things to do etc. So it’s just one program with multiple sheets that I keep referring to all the time. There was a time when I was not tracking my stuff and at the end of the month it caused a lot of confusion on the exact profit amount. Keeping a note of everything on a daily basis helps me to know what has happened and how I need to move on.

Affiliate Marketing is All About The US Market

If you are in affiliate marketing or the CPA industry, you need to know that the biggest online market is the US. No matter how you are trying to earn online money, you will always see bigger margins and payouts if you are targeting people in the United States. Most of the times, I always have my VPN service enabled which allows me to surf as a person from US. This helps me to know what is happening in the US. Lot of websites show content based on user IP which means you will be missing a lot if you are on a non USA IP.

Don’t Be Scared To Spend Money

Lot of people won’t believe this but there has not been a single day where I have suffered a loss with affiliate marketing. I see lot of people saying that you can expect losing some money in affiliate marketing but with me this has never been a case. Yes, you can lose some money on a  campaign or offer but overall you can always balance it with another offer that is working for you. Lot of people who are new in this industry are scared to spend money on advertising which is the biggest mistake. A profit is a profit, no matter how big or small it is. Don’t expect the money to flow in quickly. The best tip I would give here is to start small. Put in $100 in to advertising and assume that you have already lost that money. If you do things correctly, I am 100% sure that you will at least convert that $100 in to $110.

Stop Being Lazy and Start Implementing

Everyone who is reading this post has at least one idea in their mind which they think will work. The problem is that you have not yet implemented it. Even I have this problem which is really very bad. I always have ideas which I am sure will work but I tend to get lazy because something else is already working for me. In affiliate marketing, especially in the CPA industry, you never know what will happen. Your best offer can stop, the network might not pay you or in a worst case scenario you will get lot of competition.  In all such situations it’s always have good to have a couple of back up campaigns which are running good for you. The idea is to have at least 3 good campaigns running and at the same time you should be working on the fourth one. You should really be worried when you just have a single campaign running successfully.

Ignore All Unproductive Stuff

I am not sure about others but I tend to get distracted a lot. If I watch a video on YouTube, I will continue watching more videos and then worry about the few hours I have wasted. Other things like social networking websites, forums, chat etc. are big distractions. The most common distractions for an affiliate marketing newbie are the guru products and forums. Most people who start with affiliate marketing always love to live in a dream world where they will me making thousands of dollars one day. I won’t say all products or forums are bad but too much of information is also pretty bad. You need to implement what you know and ignore everything else. This is one of the best tip I can give to anyone who is really wasting lot of time and money on buying lot of stuff on the Internet.

Don’t Assume Things Or Underestimate Yourself

This is one of the most common mistake people in affiliate marketing industry make. There was a time when I had some ideas in my mind but I assumed they won’t work. Few days later, I would see people doing it and making loads of money with the idea. Trust me it hurts a lot when such things happen. Now, whenever I see an offer or product, I straight away start implementing what I feel is right. Assuming that it won’t work does not help. Thinking about how common your idea could be and there would be hundreds of people doing the same thing will not help you either. Always start with what you know will work and you will be surprised to see how the simplest of things can change the world for you.

These little things have made a huge difference in the way I earn online money with affiliate marketing. Find this helpful? Please let me know.

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