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How To Drive Traffic To Your Website? – Part II

Link building is a huge topic in itself. There are several methods for link building like writing guest posts, link exchange, sending an outreach email to other bloggers when you publish a new post, replacing broken links on other blogs by your links on the same topic, feed syndication and more.

Link building is not as easy as it may appear. However, link building is one of the oldest methods of SEO and it is irreplaceable with anything else now or in the future. Link building is probably one of the hardest tasks if you are looking to build traffic to your blog. Link building has numerous benefits and hence people opt for link building as one of the methods to drive traffic to their blog.

People need to endorse your content, else there would be no one reading it. Similarly, if there are no sites linking to your blog Google will think that the page is not important and it may not rank higher in search results. More number of links pointing to a page increase its importance and helps it to rank higher in search results. Backlinks are one of the most important factors determining the placement of a page in search results, higher the number of backlinks better is the placement in search results.

How to get backlinks to your blog organically?

1. You produce original content and other use it on their blog. In this case, they will link back to your article.

2. You are a niche influencer and other websites use your opinion in order to create awareness about an ongoing issue.

3. Your content sparks a discussion among the bloggers and forum members. In this case, several websites link back to your blog since your blog sparked the debate on that particular topic.

The above points can help you get organic backlinks to your blog but organic backlinks are sometimes not enough to get traffic to your blog. You cannot wait and hope for good things to happen automatically. You need to be proactive and make things happen in order to be successful.

We will discuss the techniques for link building in detail in the next post.

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