Earn Online Money Blogging By Following These 7 Steps

Earning online money blogging can be difficult if you do not know what you are doing. It will take some effort and persistence on your part if you ever want to make profits with a blog. This article will give you some tips on how to earn through your blog. Not only that, I will focus on some resources and tips throughout that I can give you for your success.

Remember, you will never earn any money with a blog unless you execute these steps. I am laying out a profitable strategy for you and it will be useless unless you actually do it.

Earn Online Money Blogging

1. Only work with Profitable Niche Markets

First of all, the success of your blog will largely depend on how well you attract customers to your blog. If you’re about to make a business with your blog, then choosing the most profitable niche to enter is the most important thing that you need to do when you get started. Be smart in finding your niche because you will need a pool of customers in order to have any success. The idea is to choose a niche that has lots of potential customers with long-term interest toward your product or service.

I recommend you go through my article about profitable niche selection tips. I give you several tips on how to find a niche that will be profitable and full of customers. Remember that the best niche markets are usually in the sectors of health, wealth, self-help, and relationships. Then you need to narrow down the topic for your blog until you carve out a market for yourself. I have listed my favorite niche selection resource for you right below.

2. Have a clear goal for your blog

What do you want to accomplish with your blog? Do you want to make a small passive income with your blog? Or, do you want your blog to be a big money maker for you? Some people will choose to build many small blogs in several niches and try to target a certain monthly income with each. Using this method, they only target narrow niches that they can profit from. However, some people will choose to make only one blog that will be large and potentially earn a large profit. Using this method, you can choose to build a blog in broader niche.

The main thing to remember is that you need to have a clear goal for your blog. Focus on what you want to accomplish with it in order to make the most of your effort in blogging. Some want to just provide the best quality information and gain customers while others focus on information product launches. The main thing is to create a mission statement for your blog much like a large company would.

3. Have a solid monetization plan

There are many monetization methods that you can use for your blog. You can use AdSense ads or a similar PPC program. Otherwise, you can sell advertising space to people who are interested. You can also promote some affiliate products or you can even sell your own product. Choose the best monetization plan for your blog. Be sure that you make this plan suitable for your niche in order to generate the maximum amount of cash from your blog.
My recommendation is to focus on your website visitors as your customers. Try to make each one a repeat visitor by capturing their email address with a free informational product. Then, use a program like Aweber and try to create the largest email list possible. Then, you will have instant traffic anytime you send out a broadcast email and selling products becomes much easier. Basically, working hard to build an email list now will help your efforts in the future.

4. Know what you are going to sell

After you select a niche, you will need to do some planning. As part of that planning, you should try to figure out what exactly you will sell. For example, the niche of internet marketing gears towards selling software and information products. On the other hand, the niche of hair loss is geared towards selling actual hair loss products. All in all, you must have a clear vision on the solution you will be selling your customer.

The reason this is important is because you need to understand the ultimate “problem” you will be solving as a blogger. If you know how to make money online then what is it that you will sell in order to gain customers and eventually earn a profit. Without this step, you are going to run into troubles later. Also you can alter your product in the future if something new is released or if you find something that will suit your website visitors better than your current offering.

5. Have a clear way to engage with your readers (USE SOCIAL MEDIA!)

A blog can succeed only if it can engage with its readers effectively. Yes, in order to keep your blog up and running, you need to keep your readers happy so that they will visit your website on a daily basis. So how do you do this? My recommendation is to plan your content and all the information you will be offering your visitors. Be aware of how you will execute your strategy and why you feel that it will be successful. Then, make sure that you are constantly updating your blog or you will lose visitors before you know it. This will help you build a strong foundation to attract constant traffic to your blog.

The best way currently to engage with your readers is by using social media. With social media, you can reach customers on different networks and widen your overall reach. After all, there are millions of users to websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and YouTube on a daily basis. If you can capture even a tiny percent of this then it will help you create readers and engage readers.

6. Create an email list that you keep updated

I have mentioned this earlier in the article and that is only because this step is so important. I recommend signing up to Aweber and utilizing their email marketing service. What you need to do is set-up your list and make sure that it is focused around your niche. Before you ever try to get any subscribers you will need to first load at least 7 messages as an autoresponder series. You can make these some of the most important articles on your website and even products that you recommend to customers.

After your autoresponder series is set-up, you will need a free eBook and a squeeze page. For the free eBook, I recommend either writing a short report or giving away a PLR report that you purchase from Master Resale Rights. After you have your free gift, you should create a squeeze page. If you have no experience in this area then head over to Fiverr.com and spend $5 for one that will convert very highly. Then you just need to send targeted traffic from your blog or from other sources to this page so you can build an email list.

7. Have a smart plan to drive traffic and promote your blog

Without traffic, your blog can’t make any money. In order to drive traffic there are many, many ways that you can use. What you have to do is to plan your way to consistently drive traffic to your blog. Also, find the most convenient promotion method for your blog so that you can keep the traffic coming.

I recommend reading my article first on free traffic methods. All will require a bit of work but it will pay off in the end for you. Plus you do not have to make an investment that might not be worth it. In my honest opinion, the best free traffic right now is through social media, video marketing, and forum marketing. If you are able to build a list then you can easily get traffic from your subscribers after every update you make to your blog.

After learning about free traffic methods, I would read my article on paid traffic methods. This will give you an idea on how to pay to get targeted website visitors. Right now, my favorite method is solo ads because I can buy them to send targeted traffic to my squeeze page. This helps me build my email list and I feel the cost is reasonable right now for me. You can also use other paid advertising methods that I point out in the article for traffic. All in all, you need to focus on each visitor and have a plan on making them a long-term customer when considering paid traffic.

In Conclusion – Earn Online Money Blogging

The most important tip I can give you to earn money blogging is to be consistent and motivated. Pick a niche first that is profitable but also something that you enjoy. After that, it is a continuous learning process that involves a lot of research and dedication. You have to be aware that some people have had blogs for over five years that they work on every day. However, you can be where they are if you start today and begin executing your strategy. Focus on just building one day at a time and you can watch your website traffic and blog profits grow. Don’t wait another day to make money from your blog!

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