Finding a Niche – Profitable Niche Selection Tips

There are thousands of people all over the world earn online money from niche marketing. The fact is, people are interested in certain things, and if you can provide them quality information and a quality product geared towards their needs, you can make money.

There are a couple of secrets you need to know though before you decide on a niche.

5 Steps to find a Niche Market

1. Pick a Popular Market

First, a large majority of the niche marketing business is in 4 categories: health, relationships, wealth, and self-help. If you are deciding on a niche and you cannot reasonably put it in these categories, then you must be 100% sure it is profitable. However, I recommend starting here before narrowing down further.

2. Narrow it Down

This is where most people fail. You will not be able to rank a website called “weight loss” unless you seriously narrow it down. For example, “weight loss in your 50’s” or “weight loss tips for college girls.” By narrowing it down, you not only have a better chance of ranking in search engines, but you will also provide targeted information.

By narrowing it down, you also can create long-tail keywords that will generate traffic. The most important thing to remember is that you must find a “target” you are going for. Unless you have a lot of resources, start by appealing to one very specific group of people (college girls who want to lose weight).

3. Pick a Niche People Advertise For

Okay this is another area where a lot of people go wrong. If you are in a niche that no one is advertising for, then it might not be very profitable. You know when you search pretty much anything into Google and ads pop up? Well, there are a surprising amount of niches that ads simply do not pop up for.

Some people have tried with the niche “interview questions” and I’m sure there are more still doing it today. Although it is a niche that a lot of people search for, it is not extremely profitable. Even if you are the biggest expert in the world, it will be hard to earn online money from it.

Go ahead, do a quick Google search right now on “interview questions.” Tell me how many advertisements you see around regular websites. When I did this search, there were 0. That is because it is not worth the advertiser’s money because this niche does not convert well.

4. Pick a Niche You Have Expertise in and Enjoy

After you learned that your niche must be profitable, now you need to pick a niche that you enjoy talking about. So if you have made it your life goal to get and keep a six-pack, why not create a blog about it? Over time, you can create a product that you can market and sell to your loyal readers. Before I get too far ahead of myself, let’s go over this step.

Many marketers fail because they do not like their topic. Although you can convert offers about investing, hedging, and trading, it is not always easy to generate content about this. It might take you all day to write one article because things can be complex, especially quality information.

So pick a niche that you do not mind writing about. I could write about internet marketing, niche marketing, and how to earn online money all day. Plus I am very interested in these topics so I learn more as I create content.

Many marketers fail because they have no desire for their niche.

5. Do Some Research

Do a quick search on your favorite search engine and find other niche marketers success with a niche similar to yours. Say you want to do the idea “weight loss tips for college girls,” search for other affiliates and their success with the weight loss niche. You will be surprised at how much you can learn in a short period of time.

If you find that people are having trouble making money from this, then find something else.

The most important thing to remember is that people are making a lot of money from niche marketing every day. There are different strategies you can use, which I will go over in another article. However, pick a profitable niche that you can provide quality content for. Make sure you have an interest and some expertise in your niche as people are trying to learn from you.

Take action today. Do not wait around and think about it for a week. Start doing your research by following my tips above. Before finally selecting a niche, always ask yourself “Does this seem like a good idea?” If you feel like people will actually be looking for your information, then it is probably a good idea. Also, make sure your niche is narrowed down so you are targeting one specific group of people.

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