Template Vs. Custom Blog Design: What’s Better?

What does it actually mean when people talk about custom blog design versus template-based blogs in the context of comercially successful design?

Following a brief description are some benefits and drawbacks:

Template Design

A template-based blog design provides you with pre-defined boxes to place your content in, which is the easiest way to explain this.
Basically, you choose a template that most nearly matches your needs and make minor color and graphic changes.

WordPress, for instance, offers a selection of templates, some of which are more expensive than others.
In WordPress, the majority of users will work from a template, although custom design is also an option.


  • Relatively inexpensive.
  • Can be more quickly implemented/built.


  • It will be difficult to find a template that matches your needs exactly.
  • Can sometimes look “cookie-cutter.”

Custom Blog Design

Every component of a website that has been specifically built for you will meet your needs.
The design is constructed around your strategy and content


  • You can build the Blog Site around your marketing plan with a custom design. Because the website was created specifically to meet your goals, you may be more selective about how you build it.
  • Fully customizable.
  • Typically working with an agency and an agency partner is like an extension of your team.


  • More expensive.
  • Takes a lot of time.
  • Can be too complicated for some marketing teams. 

The difference, as you can see, is strategic.

Which Do should You Choose?

How do you determine which is best for you? Here is a fast test to determine whether your company website should be personalized or template-designed.

Template: A template blog design might be your best choice if you have a limited budget and need results quickly.
Some firms only require a website that serves as a digital brochure because they don’t have sophisticated strategic objectives.
Use a template if custom design isn’t important.

Custom: You should invest in a strong custom created blog website if you have sophisticated business needs and are seeking for a marketing strategy to complete the website.
Also, if your content structure is extremely complex and requires considerable organizing, you should absolutely choose bespoke design.

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