Can You Become A Full Time Blogger Now?

Can you become a full time blogger now? Well the answer is Yes and No. Yes because there is still scope to become a top blogger and earn $10000+ per month. No because it is not easy to become a top blogger within a short period. Selling ads and putting affiliate links can help you make money but not enough to convince you to become a full time blogger. You need to think out of box and use your blog only as a facilitator for your non-traditional monetization methods.

As a blogger, you have two options to start your career. You can work as a full time blogger for an already established site and earn regular income. This is the best option for any blogger because you can earn decent salary from very first month itself. The other option is to set up your own blog and build it from scratch. It will take indefinite time before you start making money from your blog. In addition, the chances of success are minimal. In order to be a top blogger you need to be lucky enough to connect with majority of influential people in your niche at a very early stage of your career. Some bloggers make good amount of money in their first year of blogging while other cannot make even $1 during the same period.

A blog alone will not make you rich. You need to sell products and services that will help your audience in order to make money for your living.  Every blogger has a unique voice, use your voice and opinions to become one of the experts in your niche. You need to build an audience that is loyal to you. Build relationships with your audience using social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, etc. The next step is to keep innovating and design products that are helpful to your audience. Build your brand image so that people will trust you and actively consider the products you offer on your blog. Monetization methods used by top bloggers include selling e-books, premium content and memberships, writing sponsored posts on their blogs, e-courses, webinars and online workshops. The kind of products or services you can offer to your audience depends on your niche. A blog based on digital photography can sell photos or digital products like cameras while the one based on education can sell e-books or online courses for students. Only innovators succeed because they can make a difference in this world. You can make a difference to this world as a blogger.

Success will not come easily and most bloggers quit at a crucial point when there blog is just about to take off. If you love blogging, never quit blogging. What is the one thing that motivates you as a blogger? What are your inspirations to take up blogging? What are your expectations as a blogger? Would you like to take up blogging as a full time profession? Please let us know how much time have you been blogging and how much is your monthly income from blogging so that it inspires rest of us.

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