Blogging As Of Today: The Fame, The Value, The Future

Blogging has evolved over the years. The first blog ever produced was in January 1994 by Justin Hall. That college student developed a blog way before the blog was invented, as the term ‘blog’ initially came up in the year 1999. It’s still called his “Personal site by Justin” which is basically what a blog is — a web log updated frequently.

But the blog as it is known by us today has transformed into something more than a simple World Wide Web diary. Today, largely thanks to platforms like WordPress and that made blogging widely accessible, blogs have attained a place among the five most renowned sources for getting information on the web. They make the online foundation of the information age and are utilized by individuals and organizations. Now, they are communication tools which are highly valuable.

There are over 1 million blogs on the web. Small businesses, large organizations and even individuals are part of this gigantic blogging community. Blogs are also very crucial for PR and marketing. They enhance sales of e-commerce and are great for restructuring the image of a business. 

Blogging is also an outstanding way to share the knowledge you have with the rest of the world. You don’t exactly have to be the greatest expert on the subject matter, neither do you have to be an outstanding writer. All that you are required to do is to write about anything you are passionate about so that your blog can aid in portraying your knowledge, thoughts and opinions. With a blog, you can be educational, provocative, or entertaining — among a host of other things. Once your blog starts to gain its own individuality, it would aid in drawing other like-minded people.

Check out this comprehensive infographic if you want to get more information about blogging and some interesting surrounding this exploding industry.

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