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Best Alternatives to Google Adsense

Are you looking for ways to monetize your blog or website? Do you need to find the best alternatives to Google Adsense? Well you have come to the right place. Although Google Adsense is probably the best CPC advertising service online, it helps to know some alternatives. Plus your niche might not allow Adsense or it just might not be profitable. Or there is the dreaded Adsense story where you have been banned and you cannot get back in. Either way, these are some programs that are similar to Google Adsense.

Quick Tips:

  • Always be wary of new networks that do not have many reviews. There are always advertising networks that pop-up, make a lot of money, and shut down without payout out everything to their publishers. Never get caught in a scam and look for established ad networks.
  • Google Adsense is the best CPC program on the internet. If you can get in and serve those ads, then do so over everything on this list.
  • Always be split-testing different networks because you never know what one will maximize your profits. Some websites benefit from with Bidvertiser, and it is up to you to find out the right one for you.
  • Do not get caught up on advertising networks if you do not have any traffic yet. When you build a website or a blog, understand that you need visitors on a daily basis to earn online money. Otherwise, you are wasting your time with this research.
  • Do not be overly obtrusive when serving advertisements. I once served full-page ads and I got annoyed as a browsed my own website so I took it down. The user experience is more important than squeezing every last penny out of your visitors, and people do not visit websites that annoy them (well at least I don’t).

Best Alternatives to Google Adsense

Media.net – A Bing and Yahoo! Ad Network

Personally, I have never used Media.net. However, it has quickly become a viable Adsense alternative as long as your website is approved. They are fairly strict with their application and every website is approved manually. However, once you are approved they have some good, targeted contextual advertisements. They also have advertisements targeted for mobile devices as well, which is a huge plus.

With Media.net, You get paid every time someone clicks on an advertisement. If you are in a competitive niche then you will probably receive more per click, which is normal among most ad networks. If you have even a decent amount of traffic then this can be a good ad network for you.

Infolinks – In-text Advertisements

Infolinks is one of the most popular Google Adsense alternatives, and for good reason. Infolinks is an In-text advertising network, which means that they will create clickable links in your website content (this is great for high traffic blogs). A lot of people are inclined to click on certain words and plenty of people click on the links by accident. All in all, if you have over 1,000 page views daily then Infolinks can definitely be a network that helps you earn online money. Plus, there are other ways that they are implementing their advertisements on your website so you can maximize your profits.

I remember using Infolinks on one of my websites when they first started, and it was actually my top earning ad network. I used it for about a year afterwords and made close to $500 per month just through Infolinks. I never had site problems or load issues either with Infolinks.


BuySellAds is a little different than the advertising networks listed above. Instead of you placing a contextual advertising box somewhere on your website, you sell space on your blog. When you register for BuySellAds, your website is listed in the publisher directory. Then, advertisers find your blog and bid to place their ad. Once you join, most of the work is done for you and it is not as complicated as it seems.

Obviously, this network is good if you have a good website. If you do not get much traffic then advertisers are not going to bid very high for a spot on your website. However, if you get thousands of unique visitors per day, then you can definitely monetize this traffic. Try it out, but only if you have a decent amount of traffic.


Very similar to Google Adsense, Clicksor has built a pretty good reputation over the years. You get paid 60% of the revenue on your clicks which is pretty good. Some have reported pretty good earnings with Clicksor and it can definitely work for you.

This is another network that you cannot go wrong with. Although they have had problems in the past, the user experience is much better and their ads can increase your profits.

Google Adsense Alternatives Conclusion

These are the ad networks that I am familiar with that are viable alternatives to Google Adsense. All of these are CPC programs and not necessarily CPM or affiliate programs. There are many other ways that you can monetize your website and if you search around earnonlinemoneyblog.com then you will learn a lot about increasing profits.

Do diligent research before landing on a company and always remember to split-test. Even if you only split-test for a week, it will help you get a gauge on what each network makes you.

Please enter your thoughts in the comments and any other ad networks that you have had a positive experience with.

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