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Who Will Help You Make Money Online?

Blogging is a business where you can make money online with your writing skills and knowledge about a particular topic. Customer is a person that purchases something from you and in turn helps you earn revenue by selling a product or service. Every business relies on customers to make money and earn profit. It is therefore important to understand and research well about your potential customers. Let us understand more about the customers of your blog.

1. Visitors of your blog

Every visitor of your blog has the potential to become a customer and add to your revenue. Without visitors, no blog can be successful. Most of the site visitors are looking for a piece of information on your blog. As soon as they get the required piece of information, they tend to leave your blog. Visitors who take some form of action on your blog either by buying a product or service are your real customers. Passive readers are not good for any blog, they do not add to your revenue. It is therefore necessary to encourage visitors to be active on your blog in order to increase your blog income.

2. Advertisers of your blog

From our definition of customer earlier, advertisers fall in the category perfectly. Every blog relies on advertising to make money online. There are several advertising methods used by bloggers. These advertising methods include PPC advertisements like Google Adsense, Affiliate marketing or direct ads running on your blog. Popular blogs have more advertising options available at their disposal and hence look at higher conversion rates. Less popular blogs have limited advertising options available to them and hence are less flexible with the type of advertisements they can display on their website. A blogger can be more demanding in terms of advertisement and revenue share if his blogs is among the top blogs in the niche. On the other hands advertiser are stricter on the type of advertisements displayed and revenue share on blogs that are less popular. An advertiser is your direct customer if he purchases a space on your blog by playing fixed amount of money every month. On the other hand, an advertiser is an indirect customer if he runs advertisement and pays you only if a click or a sale occurs on your blog.

3. Other blogs and bloggers in your niche

Other blogs and bloggers have the potential to send visitors to your blog. These visitors are potential customers for your blog. As a blogger, you need to make sure that you have quality content to keep the visitors hooked up on your blog for a long time and turn them into a customer. Link exchange by other bloggers using guest posting or other methods will help you exchange customers and help each other. This method has the potential to earn you many customers if you can make best use of it for your blog. There are only limited number of customers in any niche. Hence, you must share traffic with other blogs so that every blog gets their share of customers and becomes successful.

Did I miss anything? Can you add to my list of customers? Please let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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