The Best Website Topics That Get Good Traffic

When it comes to niche blogging, there’s really no specific formula in finding the right topic that works for everyone. Most experts will advise you to follow what you are really passionate about. I’m not saying this is bad; in fact, it should be the very reason why you are jumping onto the bandwagon of blogging! Again, the things that make you want to wake up early in the morning should be the core of your entrepreneurial dream.

Sharing what you love is good but in the real world, you could hardly survive without any resources to support what you do. What I’m talking about is converting your passion into money. Can you make actual money from what you are currently doing? If your chosen niche has low demands in the market, then turning it into a source of income could be challenging.

Bloggers who are practical will sometimes recommend you choose high demand topics, whether they fall on your interests or not. Some even don’t care if they love the niche as long as their pockets would be filled with more money to survive blogging. I would personally say that finding the right niche should be somewhere in between – things that you love and at the same time has a potential for passive income.

If you are still struggling to find the best niche website ideas (and believe me, we all do, even the most experienced bloggers had it at one point of their lives) to start your blog, then this is the right post for you. Below is a short summary of the topics for beginners that could get good traffic:

  • Beauty and Fashion

Have you mastered the cat eye look or the right skin care products for healthier skin? Or are you a fashion guru who can tell the right combos of colors and tops? If so, this could be the perfect niche.

A lot of beauty and fashion bloggers are not just gurus that will give you great tips about the perfect make-up to wear or the trendy top and skirt on summer. They generally earn bucks through their carefully curated blogs.

Although a lot of bloggers have already made a big name in this niche, it is not too late for you to start. This evergreen niche is popular around the globe which brings diversity and requires different expertise. You can choose to narrow your niche down through research and hours of brainstorming until you can finally come up with a great topic to work on.

Do you love traveling? Do you have a great garden to boast to your friends? Are you good in home or outdoor decor? Surely there are a lot of things you can write about the lifestyle niche and the traffic potential is high. Most bloggers usually generate income from this niche through ads.

  • Lifestyle

Remember that this niche is broad so don’t put a limit on yourself. However, a lot of beginning bloggers mess up big time in this niche because they can’t find the sweet spot to write about. Often times, the lifestyle niche requires you to present a solution to a problem most people are looking for, or narrow down on topics that show entertainment or capture other people’s interest as well. So how do you succeed on this topic? Do your research. You can check the trends on social media or use keyword research tools to find what people are commonly searching online. This should lead you to find the right blog topic.

  • Pets

Who couldn’t resist the cuteness of puppies and cats? Often times, funny pictures or videos of adorable pets can easily go viral online. If you have a love for animals or you have a furry family member at home, you can start blogging to show the world about it. You can start with the basics of caring for particular breeds, the products and accessories for cats and dogs, the right food recipes and supplements, and many others – the possible topics are endless. Remember, Google will become your best friend in finding your way to succeed in this niche.

  • Food

A lot of us are foodies and honestly, almost nobody can resist a mouth-watering recipe. Whether you are a talented chef or a regular person who just loves cooking, the world wide web could be your portal to share your great recipes!

Niches related to food get traffic. However, this niche can also be a bit competitive so you have to be more creative to standout. Narrow down your expertise until you begin to gain some authority.

  • Health and Fitness

Have you noticed recently the rising trend of organic products, supplements, and at home yoga classes? That’s because more and more people begin to become conscious about their health. If you’re a health freak yourself and you have lots to share, then this niche is the right path you should take.

Just remember that, although the health and fitness niche can easily earn a ton of traffic, monetizing it can be challenging without careful planning. The best way to start earning from this niche is through affiliate marketing. For example, if you’re a fitness trainer then you could link a product on Amazon that solves particular problems for your audience. Big time bloggers in this niche also sell books or CDs to help their audience but this may require a lot of time and experience.

  • Technology

Are you a techie who’s always up for the latest gadgets? Are you a fan of drones? Do you love implementing smart home systems like Alexa to automate your appliances? Then it’s time that you share your expertise online!

The world is changing so fast because of technology. There’s a growing interest in smart homes, drones for capturing and monitoring the environment, the internet-of-things, smart cities, and a lot more. People are becoming more and more dependent on technology because it makes our lives better. And who knows what the future holds a few years from now?

If you are a tech guru, you can ride on the wave to get your name on the web. However, this niche requires expertise and technical skills so it could be challenging if you don’t have hands-on experiences.


Finding the right niche to start a blog this 2018 can be challenging and competitive. It takes more than a passion to start a blog – you should actually understand what you are doing so you can monetize it. The key is to constantly research and never stop looking for windows of opportunities in order to survive and make real money on blogging.

Have you found the right niche to start with? Remember, the website ideas you can write about are endless. But not all of them will guarantee success. Stop guessing for the right niche. Take a deep breath, grab a pen and notebook, and narrow down your interest until you find the sweet spot.

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