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Are you paying close attention to your social media engagement? What are your likes, retweets and +1’s telling you about your marketing efforts? Do you feel like a lonely blogger in a big social media world?

If your social media marketing is not as strong as it could be, pay close attention to the following tips.  If learning to blog is a serious commitment of yours, then your social media engagement is crucial to the lifetime of your blog.

In all your social media sites you want to see engagement and interaction from others.  Whenever people engage on your site, others in their circles also see the interaction.  This in turn can lead to more followers for you.  It’s a pretty simple formula!  Getting that formula right however is something that needs to be learnt.

9 Social Media Engagement Tips

Following these tips will put you on the right path for social media success. Start implementing the tips today and take notice of the difference it makes to your traffic levels.

1. Make all your social media accounts stand out

Do all your followers know of your different social media accounts? If not, then tell them!

Let all your followers on Google Plus know that you have a Twitter account and vice versa.  Each of your social media accounts will have different followers, and this is the same for everyone else!  So if you are getting your work shared on different platforms, your target audience reach is going to be increase.

Add your links across all your social accounts so people can easily click a link to your other social profiles.  This is a very simple way of increasing your social media engagement.

2. Regularly change profile page photos

People like to see new things, so take advantage of this and do one of the easiest things….change up your profile pictures.

Facebook allows you to easily change your cover photo, and each time you do this, what happens?  That’s right….the new photo appears in everyone’s news feed.   This is an easy way to draw new attention to your profile and will being you increased social media engagement.

3. Include sharing buttons

I have said this before, and I will say it again. ALWAYS have sharing buttons on your blog!  It constantly amazes me how many blogs do not have simple sharing buttons.

A sharing button allows readers to simply click a button and share your content.  It’s such a simple social media engagement tool and should not be overlooked.

If people have to make the effort to share your content, they seriously won’t do it!  Sorry to be blunt, but it’s the simple truth.  You would be foolish to ignore this easy sharing tool.

As well as having the sharing buttons on your site, you can easily increase social media engagement by asking people to share your content at the end of the post.  Don’t be embarrassed by this, there is nothing wrong in asking.  Besides, what do you have to loose here?  People can only say no, but they might also say yes!

4. Ask your readers questions

Asking relevant questions will encourage social media engagement on all your profiles. People like to answer questions, so feel free to ask them!

Asking a question is not showing that you are not knowledgeable in your chosen subject, it purely shows that you have an interest in what your readers think!  Mix the questions up on all your social networks and see what type of responses you get.

These questions will also help you learn more about your readers, what they are interested in and what they want to see from you. This can also help greatly with writing future posts.

5. Respond to people

If your readers have taken the time to answer a question you posted, or left you a comment, then have the courtesy to respond to them.  The more you do this, the higher chance of those people continuing to interact with you.  The more interaction you can have on your profiles the better.  It’s a pretty simple formula for social media engagement.

6. Interact on other people’s profiles

You want to have people interact on your social media accounts, but how active are you on other people’s? Be honest here, it’s not a trick question!

Show interest to other people and humans have a natural instinct to show an interest back. If it is appropriate, join in on discussions and answer questions relevant to your niche.  Get out there and be seen….everywhere!!

Your questions or comments could lead to a new follower who has been intrigued by what you have said.

7. Comment on other blogs

In a similar vein to commenting on other social profiles, it is also important to comment on other blogs.  If you comment on blogs that have Comment Luv, you also have the opportunity to leave a link to your latest blog post.  Other people who leave comments are thus likely to see your link and possibly even click on it!

You will notice that I have Comment Luv installed on this site.  Leave a comment for me at the end of this post and you will see the link to your most recent blog post displayed after your comment!

8. Invite guest bloggers

If you publish a high quality post on your site, there is high chance that the author is going to share this around their social networks.  This is free advertising for your blog!

This type of sharing has the opportunity to open up completely new followers who initially come to read the post, but then stay to see what else you have to offer.  Of course, you would also share this post on your own social networks, and encourage the author to also engage with your share.

9. Link to quality content

Many bloggers seem afraid to link to quality content outside of their own blog. The benefits however far outweigh the disadvantages.  If you link to another bloggers post that is relevant to the topic of discussion, it is likely to bring that author to your blog.  In return it is likely to obtain participation from an entirely new online audience.

If you undertake each of the above tips, your social media engagement will surely improve.  Pay close attention to what is working well for you, and do more of the same.  

What are the main tricks that you use to enhance your social media engagement? Please share your thoughts with us below.

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