Niche Marketing Case Study – 5 Steps I Used To Rank My Coupon Blog

Well planned niche marketing strategies have helped me rank my coupon blog and I want to share my experience with you.

Niche marketing is one vital area you should be looking at. The competitions in generic niches are getting fiercer by the day and only those with some form of marketing bravery are going to scale through. But there is a way you can leverage on the immense potential of search engines and profit real time.

You already know what’s happening with search algorithms. After Google’s latest updates, it became exceptional important to re-adjust your content marketing activities and channel it aright.

Ride with me as I reveal some of the important I employed when I launched my coupon blog. My goal was to rank for some popular product names like hostgator coupon, sittercity coupon and 6pm discounts and I my desire was met. As you read along, have an open mind – you could pick up some helpful gems to grow your business notwithstanding your niche.

1. Top Ranking Isn’t About Keywords

Yes, it’s not! It was my first discovery as I worked on my coupon blog pages. The essence of keywords is to give proper juice to your quality content. When you write your content, you need key terms as a bait to lure search engine spiders. In essence, search engine spiders are like toddlers (babies) whom you must spoon-feed. Actually, you are the one to show them directions.

Whenever you confuse them, they cower and reward you openly with a slap (its called sandboxing).

Here’s a Shock: Stuffing keywords on your content makes you look like a wicked landlord. You’re feeding search spiders with the wrong meal at the wrong time. Instead, tour the easy route by adding your keywords when and where appropriate.

If it doesn’t appear natural, don’t try to squeeze or force your key phrases in. You can still rank without obeying that flimsy keyword-density rule. You know what I’m talking about?

2. Quality Content (Twisted)

Secondly, I used a twisted strategy to rank my coupon keywords. Sounds confusing, isn’t it? Allow me to explain bit by bit. You see, there is nothing new on the web. Whatever article you intend to write today, I can assure you that some other person more experienced and creative than you have written about it.

Every web writer today is simply rewriting. Well, not with an article spinner or writer, I mean you are leveraging on what’s already available to create your own uniqueness. What makes quality content twisted?

Alright, since every article and topic has been discussed online, what Google and other search engine services are after is your “idea angle.” It’s not what you write by the angle at which you write it. So, when writing articles for your niche blogs, ensure you come from a fresh angle. Make it unique in your own way and Google would regard such content as unique, relevant and interesting (95% of the time).

3. Focus On Relevant Links

What type of link do you go for? For my discount coupon blog, I focused on relevancy and I got results. What does it mean? It’s very simple; a relevant backlink is that link that comes from another blog or site with a base-domain name similar to yours. Let’s take my coupon shopping blog as an example. When I get a link from a real estate blog, that link is irrelevant.

But when I build a link from another blog that talks about shopping and discount deals, then the link is relevant. Why? It’s because we speak the same language.

Advice: Start building links back to your site from other blogs that share the same idea as yours. If you’re into blogging and make money niche, a single link from a top IM blog is worth more than a thousand links from a dating site.

4. Stay In-Touch With Trends

This is very important. The effect on my coupon blog was so enormous that I decided to share with my subscribers. What’s going on around you? Are you at ease with your marketing to the extent where every event matters to you?

When you begin to write articles and web contents that ride with the time, events and recent developments, then success is sneaking in gradually.

In order to make this achievable, Google has a service arm that could help you stay abreast of current trends. It’s called “Google Alert” and it’s so vital you subscribe to you. You would receive current news, product launches and hot happenings around the web. Your setting would determine how often you get emails (daily, weekly or monthly). To stay ahead of your competitors, check the daily alert.

5. People Optimized Content Is Key

Who owns the credit card for online purchases, search engine or prospects? Do you see why writing for search engines is a trap that would soon catch the crafter? Take Google out of your mind when crafting your titles. Think in terms of your prospects, and how you can solve their problems.

It’s like the law of life that pays back in a million fold, when applied to your life. People who search for your target key terms have emotions, thoughts, conscience and problems. You’re not to brag about your product and what it can do (instead focus on what the buyer would get by taking action).

Write for the people and Google would follow. The irony of this SEO process is that Google spider goes where her users go. It’s like they’re blind looking for you (searcher) to hold them by the hand and lead them home.

Marketing Takeaway

I’ve revealed some amazing tips that are working for my coupon blog. But it can work for any niche provided you do it right. I’m really proud of this post and I hope you make use of the hot nuggets to increase your SEO productivity. It’s your action that would make the change – go to work!

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