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Few days back I had posted on how you can make money or outsource your work for $5 on Fiverr. MicroWorkers is similar to Fiverr but has lot of additional options. MicroWorkers is good for workers as well as employers. As workers you don’t have to wait to get orders. The workflow is pretty easy and nice. This is how it works for workers:

For Workers:

1. On your dashboard, you get to see a list of available jobs for you. The jobs are automatically assigned to you depending on your geographical region.

I have x jobs available to me and at the bottom I have a list of jobs I can choose to complete. Under payment, I can see how much will I get paid to complete the job.

2. Once I click on the job that interests me, I will see the details of the job.

I can reject or accept the job as per my wish. Once the job is completed, I will have to enter all the required proof.

MicroWorkers has loads of jobs available and anyone can easily earn online money with these jobs. There are jobs as easy as posting comments, posting on forums, filling forms, filling surveys and much more. MicroWorkers can be a good source of decent income if you have time in your hand.

For Employers:

MicroWorkers can also be used to outsource your work to workers. The best thing here is that you don’t have to look for people, bargain on cost, worry about quality etc. All you have to do is inform what has to be done and what is the proof you need as confirmation. You can select workers as per their geographical locations in case your job is targeted towards a specific country or region. This is very useful for generating leads or completing CPA offers.

Once you select your worker’s geographical region and the type of work, the system will automatically tell you the cost.

Here are some more awesome features:

  • The payout is only $9. This means you don’t have to work for days or months to get the amount in your account. You can withdraw your money as soon as you earn $9.
  • Payments are made to Paypal, Moneybookers and Alertpay. Most of us have Paypal accounts so this is pretty good.
  • As an employer you can target workers by their geographical regions.
  • The time taken to complete the work is very less. All work gets completed within matter of minutes.
  • You can be a worker and an employer on a single account.
  • The entire system is very user friendly.

I would give MicroWorkers a 10/10 for starting this awesome service where you can earn online money and also get work done from people at low cost.

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