How To Increase Selling Price Of Your Blog?

Have you ever thought of selling your blog? How did you determine the worth of your blog? Many bloggers have emotional sentiments attached to their blogs. Hence, they never sell their blogs. For some it is a day-to-day business. Whatever may be the motto behind building a website, it is necessary to increase the potential of your blog. Let us look at some of the methods to increase the value of your blog.

1. Choose the right niche

Blog niche plays a very important role in determining the overall value of your blog. Niche will the primary factor to determine the value of your blog and it is independent of other factors like subscribers, revenue or traffic your blog receives. If you are running a blog on topic which is highly saturated with millions blogging about the same topic, it will reduce the value of your blog considerably. The reason behind it being that advertising CPC will be very low and it is difficult to monetize that blog. On the other hand, if you are blogging about a topic that is not very common and has a high CPC value, you are bound to get a very good price for it. If you are building a website for the sole purpose of selling it to make money online then you need to research the niche and topic extensively before starting the blog.

2. Getting quality content on your website

Content is the king everywhere. Buyers are looking for blogs that have quality content and attracting the right kind of audience. People buy blogs not because they cannot build a blog on their own. They buy a blog so that they do not have the groundwork like writing content, attracting readers and getting the content to rank higher in search engines. This helps save a lot of time and efforts from them.

3. Build trust and relationships with people

As a blogger, you need to build strong relationships with your readers. This will help you get better deal and if your relationship was inspiration for your readers, the buyer may let you maintain your blog in same manner as earlier. This means you get the money by selling your blog and continue to earn money from your blog for maintaining it afterwards. In addition, building relationship with other bloggers in your niche will establish your reputation. This will help you get better deals as compared to an unknown blogger in the same niche.

4. How much revenue can it earn

A buyer is earning your blog to boost his revenue. The question you must ask to yourself is how much money you can earn from your blog. You can rent out space on your blog to run PPC advertisements or sell products and earn commissions from it. Earning consistent income from your blog will help you get a better deal while selling it.

A blogs’ rough worth = 12 X monthly income from all monetization methods.

5. Build a competitive blog

Build a competitive blog to be able to sell and compete with other blogs in your niche. What is the advantage of your blog as compared to other blogs? What are the unique selling points of your blog? Why are your readers sticking to your blog? Buyers are looking to buy websites that are able to reach their target audience effectively. What is the advantage your blog will provide to the prospective buyer? A blog should satisfy the needs of the readers in the best possible manner.

How much is your blog worth? How do you make it more competitive? What is the unique selling point of your blog?

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