How To Get 10000 Visitors To Your Site Daily?

How much time do you need in order to get 10000 visitors daily? Getting 10000 visitors is a task that cannot be done overnight. It takes time, efforts and lots of planning to achieve this goal. The actual traffic received depends on niche and demand. Let us see how you can get 10000 visitors to your site daily the hard way.

1. Search engine traffic

The best free method to get targeted traffic is from search engine results. You need to write quality content that is SEO optimized on a regular basis. A blog post optimized for targeted keywords works better than a regular post with lot of back links. Focus on leaving links to your blog when you visit other blogs or forums. Instead of using your name as anchor text for back link, use target keywords and link to them. Do not miss a single opportunity to get a back link to your website as it increases your domain authority and helps your website rank higher in search engine rankings. Search engine traffic is major source of traffic to all the top blogs. It is also essential to get back links from relevant websites only.

2. Google Analytics

It is important to analyse behaviour of visitors to your blog. The statistics will help you understand the pages which do well and optimize your site accordingly. In addition, it will give you details about the keywords that attract traffic to your website. This will help you in SEO and boost traffic to your blog. In order to increase popularity and bring better results to the pages that are not doing well tweaking is required to make them perform better.

3. Ask for a favor

Majority of the bloggers are willing to help others whether known or unknown. Reach out to top bloggers in your niche and ask them for help. They will help you if your site is having content that can be useful for their readers. It is not easy to keep creating quality content regularly even for top bloggers who have been blogging for several years. Be respectful and honest when you are asking for a favour from any blogger. Never make any promises that you cannot fulfil later. You will be surprised to know how many bloggers respond positively to your request.

4. Keep it simple

Keep your blog design simple and fast. A site will too much flash content takes time to load and affects user experience. You have a limited time span to attract your reader’s attention. A visitor may not stay and wait if your site takes too much time to load. Sites with too many images does not load quickly and search engines ignore flash content while indexing. Focus on content and use other stuff like ads and widgets only as a filler element on the blog.

5. Provide relevant information

Provide information as per the needs of your readers. A website may have tons of article but struggles to get traffic from search engines because there is no importance given to the needs of the readers. On the other hand, a website with fewer articles attracts more traffic because it caters to the demands of its customers. Relevant information with a little bit of SEO can help you get desired traffic to your blog.

6. Get the timing right

It is not enough to have quality content on your website. You need to get the timing right when you share your content on social networks. There are specific timings where your content goes viral easily and not so much during others. Adhere to that timing so that your content gets maximum visitors. Find out the days and timings where you can get maximum share and mentions on social networks. Plan it right to get maximum out of your content. Use tools like buffer to schedule and publish updates at relevant time.

7. Increase your subscribers by making it easy to share

You need to increase the number of subscribers to your blog in due course of time. All the high traffic blog have a huge subscriber base and hence have a relatively constant traffic to their blog. Make the blog posts easy to share by including social share buttons at appropriate positions on your blog.

8. Be self-driven to achieve your goal

What drives traffic to a website is the need to find a piece of information on the World Wide Web. Unless you establish yourself as an authority in your niche, visitors will not care about you or your opinion. Visitors will take the piece of information from your site and move to another. Initially as a lesser-known blogger, you will be constantly facing the challenge to retain visitors and make them loyal to your blog. In this case, you need to keep yourself motivated and constantly provide useful information to the readers. Be competitive and give your best in order to succeed as a blogger.

How long have you been blogging? How much traffic do you receive daily? Please share your experience with us in the comments section.

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