How To Avoid These 10 Common Mistakes As A Blogger?

You have started a blog and doing all that you can as a blogger in order to get readers to your blog but still you do not get any traffic to your blog. Wondering what to do next? Let us see what you can do as a blogger in order to be successful and increase traffic to your blog.

Not updating your blog often enough (No 1)

Do not be rushed into writing a blog with large number of posts published in a single day and then having nothing more to offer for the next few days, this is a killer reason for some of the blogs that have very good potential. Plan before hand as to the pattern you are going to follow for your blog e.g you would update your blog daily ,weekly , bi weekly and so on. Remember there are some readers who would want to follow your blog regularly, but if you have nothing much to offer to them they would lose confidence in you and eventually your blog would lose its popularity. You should choose a topic on which you could publish unlimited number of posts, otherwise it would become a headache and you would think of copying from other sources that does not go well with the readers who look for original content.

Not adding your personal touch or opinion (No 2)

The point that you should always remember is that people visit your blog to know your opinion. Have a definite opinion towards everything you blog about whether wrong or right let your readers decide. Remember you are human and not an XYZ news agency or a political party

Publishing a post without proof reading (No 3)

This is a common mistake committed by most of the publishers, they find a hot topic, write about it hastily and quickly hit the publish button before going through it even once to check for grammatical or spelling errors. Remember nothing more is annoying to a reader than grammatical mistake or a common spelling error. If there is an error, it’s not end of the world you can always correct the error. Remember that humans are always prone to make mistakes but you should learn quickly from your mistakes and avoid them in future. Your readers are always forgiving if you make mistakes unknowingly.

Writing a blog with sole motive of earning money (No 4)

If you are writing a blog only for earning money then here is what my opinion is for such kind of people, “You can succeed momentarily but in the long run you will not find it very easy to sustain your success”. Instead blog about something which would help the people and they are kind enough to return you the favor. Lot of blogs make a very meager amount per month while blogs that help people make huge amounts each month become successful. Remember blogging is not a get rich quick scheme; in fact it is your duty towards society to provide them something useful that would help them in their life.

Copied Content (No 5)

Originality of your blog will help it stand out among the millions that are present on the Internet. Remember the topic that you choose to blog on would already have millions of blogs published already and for your blog to be really successful you need to provide your readers with something that the other blogs could not by adding your own views and your opinions . Remember readers do not appreciate copycat publishers. The uniqueness about your blog is that you are the author of your blog and you can completely control the content you want to publish.

Not being familiar with other bloggers in your niche or interest (No 6)

The best way to start getting readers to your blog is by commenting on other blogs on your topic. Check comments on your blog and visit the site of the people who have made comments on your site. That is the best way to get a new idea. Other ways include advertising for your site on various forums and social sites. Joining Google groups could be another option to reach out other bloggers.

Not Replying to Comments made by your Readers (No 7)

A blog is a method for you to communicate with your audience. If a reader comments on your site, try to answer them to the best of your ability. If your blog does not receive any comments from your readers then it is the time you have to change the style of blogging and make it more interactive.

Not Proving a RSS Feed to your Readers (Mistake no 8)

Always provide your readers with a full RSS feed. It is difficult to earn from RSS feed but genuinely helps to build readership of a website.

Writing for Advertisers and Google instead of the audience (No 9)

Lot of bloggers write their blog by using the highest paid keywords but earn much less than the sites with less paying keywords. Make sure that your blog is user friendly, not crowded by the keywords not too many difficult phrases for the people to understand. You can write a page following all the guidelines given by Google but your site may not feature in the top ten because ultimately people make Google and not the other way around. Write for people & not for search engines.

Not following the Advice given in this blog (No 10)

I am sure everyone reading the blog you would tend to agree with me on this point J This blog is intended to help you avoid mistakes as a blogger and make it more fruitful.

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