7 Crucial Blog Design Tips

Content alone is not enough to help your blog stand out from the crowd.  Whilst “content is king”, design is certainly queen!  Implementing some blog design tips will certainly put you ahead of the game.

If you havn’t really paid much attention to the design you are using, then now will be a good time to change that.  Your blog needs to be visually appealing to readers to not only keep their attention, but to keep them coming back for more!  If the site is not pleasing to the eye, then it is highly likely that the content you have spent so long preparing will not even be read!

It’s not worth risking your content on poor blog design.  Take the time to evaluate your design and make some positive improvements.

So, how do you go about undertaking a great blog design?  The “Blog Design Tips” Infographic below walks you through the essential elements you should be implementing on your site.  If you are looking to maximize your blog design, then read on!

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